Pretty psyched that these may become a reality soon! In a few weeks I should have a few working prototypes to test, to see if they’ll hold up. If all goes well, they should go into production in the Fall. They will be 7mm thick with the “tables & fables” engraved 2mm deep. No cut-out’s here kids. I want these things to be strong and durable. Hopefully with all the machining going into them, they should be fairly lightweight. Not that I care about the weight myself, but I know that’s one of the first things people will ask. The picture below is a rough draft of what they will look like. Gonna do black with raw letters and the reverse for the first production run in 25,27,28 and 30t. T&F just took the first step towards hardgoods with this. Not sure if we’ll make anything else, but this has the gears in my head turning for sure!