Fracas 2012

Well today was the third annual Flatland Fracas, and I’m glad to say it was a complete success. We had the best turnout to date and with an outpouring of generosity from all the sponsors, we had a ton of stuff to give away. I am proud to be a part of these great events, as I grew up riding a little flat and have always had a great respect for it. Major thanks to Rick MacDonald for all his efforts in rounding up sponsors and organizing the majority of this event.

These were the results:

Pretty Good:

1.Jake Provenzano

2. Ian Hicks

3. Anthony Dellario


Real Good:

1.Steve Jordan

2. Mannie Nogueira

3. Kurt Von Stetten



1. Brian Chapman

2. Jared DiChiara

3. Gabe Kadmiri


Best Trick:

Gabe Kadmiri

Today was the first time I really shot pictures of flat, and I’ll tell you it’s a lot harder than I thought. The following were the photos I took from today.