Sun? Day

Some days no matter how much you plan, or how many people that are going, or how crazy the spots your gonna ride, plans fall through. Today was one of those days. I got a call fairly late in the morning after I was on my way to meet up with the crew, that my mother was rushed to the hospital. After making a few texts to some of the guys I also figured out that some of them weren’t into travel today based on the questionable weather. So I called it a day. I was hoping that my mom wasn’t bad and I could maybe meet up with some of the guys later in the afternoon, hoping that it would clear up.
Well hospital’s are never a quick visit, and although my mother turned out to be ok. The weather never really seemed to cooperate. I saw some of the guys went to Skater’s Edge and a few others went to our rescheduled first stop.
Chris True and Stu Scipione are the two (other) guys I was referring too. They stopped at the underpass spot in New Bedford and snapped a few pictures. They made the best of a rainy day that almost wasn’t anything. Hopefully the rest of the crew that hit Edge had a great day too. The following are the photos Stu and Chris snapped.