25th Anniversary King of Flatland

Made the trek up to Rye N.H. today for the 25th anniversary of the King of Flatland contest. After a few hours in traffic we (my wife and I) got there a little on the late side or so we thought. Turns out everyone was on the late side due to the beach traffic. Rye is right between Salisbury and Hampton beaches, and with the weather I guess everyone thought today was a “beach day”.
Regardless the contest was a great turnout and the riding was great. All the guys rode well. Great to see old friends. New England has a great flat scene. A core group of guys that all ride and get along with one another. Reminds me of how we were in the 90’s, when there was a small number of guys riding ramps/street.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings. These are the pictures I shot today. Great day overall. Thanks to John Cote for a good time! Extra special thanks to the guys that purchased T shirts today! I appreciate your support!