9X9 volume 4

The 9X9 has made it’s mark. With so many people into the concept, I decided to step it up a notch. What that means is this: I want to be the guy shooting the pictures for all 9 guys that are involved, I’m looking to have all original content. With that said, I’m making it 3 times a year instead of 4. Reason being, it takes an incredible amount of effort to edit the answers….so by taking on shooting all the pictures, I’m adding more work. Thus why I wanna do it once every four months instead of seasonally.

Secondly, I’m gonna switch it up a little bit too. Instead of us coming up with the questions, I’m gonna have each guy come up with a question they’d like to be asked, then that way each of them is answering their own question as well as the other eight from the eight other guys. I think this will kind of make it a little more interesting. Plus it’s hard to come up with quality questions every round.

So if you would like to be involved in the forth installment of the 9X9, please email tablesnfables@gmail.com. I will respond to let you know that I got your email and to let you know if your in or not. I need 3 guys 13-18, 3 guys 19-25, and 3 guys 25 or older. If you don’t get in this round I will make sure you get in the next. All inquiries are welcomed. I would like to try and get a jump on the next round asap. So the sooner you email me the quicker we can meet up and try and take a picture. I’m looking to have the next one ready to roll for January 1st 2013. That gives plenty of time. Thanks in advance! -TL