Dodging raindrops

Man this Summer has just been nuts weather-wise, it’s either been hot as hell or pouring rain. Today was no different. I woke up this morning to a text from Tony from stating that no matter what the weather was they were going to follow through with out original plan to meet up at a fullpipe. Honestly I wasn’t sure if the drive would be worth it, but with nothing else to do today….I figured why not!
A few of the guys that were supposed to go bailed in the morning for various reasons, but Chris True, Petey Pabs, and myself set out early to meet up with Tony and Steve (TYRANT dudes). On my way up I hit up our buddy Kyle to give a check of the weather where we were headed. He eased my doubts by telling me that the rain was over and the skies were clearing.
The pipe was a little on the wet side and we tried to dam it up and sweep the water between the runs, but after awhile we had to call it. The walls of the pipe were getting wet from us carving back and forth through the water, making it more treacherous.
From there we parted ways with Tony, Steve, and Kyle and made our way to a spot that I’ve wanted to ride for years. The “shapes” in Malden, Ma. We hiked it over there only to find that the main ones in the back of the school they’re located at were being removed. Just my luck! First time I get the chance to ride there, they’re tearing it down. The two structures in the front of the school were still there, so we decided to ride those for a bit. After about a half hour it started raining, so we headed on to the next spot.
From there we made our way over to Allston, to visit with our friends the Bonedeth crew. Josh Stricker is in town and staying with them, so I decided we’d go meet those dudes and cruise around the city for a bit. We made it to one spot and the rain had other ideas. At that point I decided to call it a day. The following are what I took for pictures today, some on my camera, some on my iPhone. Enjoy!