Bonedeth: The Boneyard


The BMX house is not a new concept, many other groups of riders have gotten together and had an apartment or a  house with the guys they ride with. It’s a pretty simple concept: live with the guys you most ride with, so you always have someone around to go out and shred with. Doesn’t hurt that they’re splitting the rent either.

There was the POW house out in California in the early 90’s then  the Fathouse in Fort Wayne in the mid 90’s, around that same time there was the Superdome in Pa. with some of the biggest names in the scene for the time. Anyway, like I said already it’s a common thing. With that little history lesson behind us. The last two years the Bonedeth guys have done just that. Had an apartment in Allston Ma. called “The Boneyard”, that a handful of guys that either ride for the team or are close friends have lived or stayed at. Quite a few people have passed through the house over it’s duration. There’s always something wild going on over there most nights, with a variety of characters.

As of September 1st the Boneyard was no more. The guys have decided to part ways and get separate places. Doesn’t mean that these guys won’t be hanging out or partying together. It just won’t be happening at 21 Aldie street in lower Allston anymore.

I asked the guys to each write a little something about their time spent under the roof of what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most legendary BMX houses of all time. Easily ranking up there with the ones I listed earlier.

One of the main guys that’s lived there from day one is the Bonedeth TM: Kevin Botsch..aka” Party Management”  or  “Bot”. He has probably seen his fair share of weird stuff, probably even involved in most of it.  Here’s what he had to say:

September 1st 2012 was a sad one. The Bone Yard was no more. Sean Burns, Garrett Dever, Chris Crawford, Karter Phoenix, The Fuzz and myself moved into this shit pile of an apartment 2 years ago. The Bone Yard was a place where BMX-ers from all around the world came to stay and party at. The Kink Team, Josh Stricker, Van Homan and so many other greats all stayed at the house. It was so nuts having legends sleep on my couch that I grew up watching.

The Bone Yard was also the weirdest place I’ve ever lived. So much weird shit and Promiscuous sex all the time. One of my most favorite memories of the house was when Mike Fork dumped a can of beans all over some hippy chick while we were all tripping on acid. Karter then washed the bitch off, brought her into his pantry and proceeded to bang the shit out of her! All while I laid next to them. Weird as hell.. her feet were so dirty and she still had beans in her hair. It was so fucked haha

Though the faces have changed through the two years, the memories will carry on. But who knows… Bone Yard 2??? We’ll have to see….

-Party Management

New Jersey Transplant and all around nice guy Cullen Nicholl had this to say:

Botsch in his underwear eating fast food…. cig smoke … empty tall cans of PBR … my closet stinks like dried up cum! Someone is always taking a dump or a shower, as least it feels like it.. Ohh yea and Sean Burns lives here he’s craaazzzyyy! Botsch is always having strange men over?

-Cullen Nicholl


Bostonlurker and Boneyard couch occupier Dan Webster threw his two cents in too.

The boneyard is the place you wanna go to have a good time and get stupid at! It’s like a figment of your imaginations! Sean Burns lives there which is CRAZZZZZY!!!!!

-Dan Webster

Next up is someone that has never really lived there, but has spent a decent amount of time behind it’s doors. Shajn Raines or as a lot of people know him Ferbert.

I asked him to give his favorite thing about the boneyard and this is what he came up with:

Most visitor’s would have their own take on the wacky decorations and wild happenings going down on a weekly basis. Some views were spot on, while other’s were really out there. I think my favorite thing about it (the boneyard), was listening to all the different vistor’s take on the place. Other than that the Boneyard is a hard place to put into words. Oh yeah and learning that Sean Burns is CRAZY!

-Shajn Raines

Another New Jersey transplant and Bonedeth team rider Chris Crawford had this to say about the place he’s called home for the past two years: The boneyard was a time in its own, definitely gonna miss the fun times I had there. Not only were the dudes that I lived with rad, but the location was on point. The basement of that house made chick shoots and filmin’ weird shit so much easier from when we did shit like that in the past. Though I do miss it, it was what is was, and I don’t wanna change anything! It was an end of an era, but it went out at it’s peak and that’s all anyone could want. Keep on keep’n on!

– Chris Crawford

Last but not least is the legendary Sean Burns. Also an original resident of the house. Here’s what Sean wrote:

The best and worst place I have ever lived. Also the longest place I’ve stayed in at one time. Two solid years at THE BONE YARD. In reality it seems like it was two months. The first six months were too wild for how shitty the place was. Constant wild weekends.. weird costume parties.. or well.. Alex Liiv in general. There was just constant weird perversions going on there in the beginning. Things I can’t ever tell most people. But at least you get a gist of it in the slide show, to some extent.
Most of the visitors at the bone yard were either bmxers or rockers. or bmx rockers or whatever. BMX and Rock n Roll… two of the most dirty and reckless things you can think of.. combine the two and thats what we lived in for the first year. The second year was a little more tame.. but still a really weird place to live and never a dull moment. The Couch’s were constantly filled with visitors and if it wasn’t them it was local’s … like Dan Webster and other legendary weirdo’s. One of the craziest things there was our landlord the Gary Busey dopple ganger. He would barge into our house late at night in a rain storm all drunk an coked out. Scream at us for no reason and then realize he was at the wrong house. He even tried to shut our gas off himself in the basement then we locked him in there with the lights off. This wasn’t a pretty outcome. Resulting in party management getting his face and letting him have it. He then left and fell down the stairs. The stories that i have from living at the bone yard are endless. Hopefully some of these photos can give you a feel of it. Even though these are all tame compared to what really happened and what were not showing.
– Burns

The following is a few pictures I took a few weeks before the guys moved out. I also wanna say thanks to each and every one of the Boneyard/Bonedeth crew for helping out with this!

Below is a slideshow that Sean put together of random weirdness from the Boneyard.

bone yard slide show from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.