Prototype sprockets

Finally after a few months, I have a small batch of prototype sprockets to test. They are a very simple design based of our sprocket logo. I wanted to keep them simple. The first run is 7mm thick with the T&F milled 2mm deep. Well you might ask why I felt the need to make a sprocket? I didn’t really see a need too, but I have a machinist friend and he and I got talking about it….so I figured what the hell. The only thing I thought could be improved on sprockets were the teeth.

I designed the teeth on this to be different than most of the other sprockets on the market. Two things that are fairly unique about them are the teeth are squared off more than most, making them stronger than the pointed ones that come one most other ones of today. Secondly the ridge where the chain sits(under the teeth) is 1mm thicker so when you hit your chain on something it has a support under it, instead of being forced to “roll” off. These two things make for a stronger tooth, better chain seating, and ultimately are gonna make your chain last a bit longer if you like to grind or hit your sprocket on stuff.

The testers are made from 6061, and I’ll be testing different finishes to see which is the most durable. No real set date on release for these things just yet. If testing goes well, and I feel like there’s nothing I wanna tweak then maybe Spring 2013. Below is a picture of a raw one. Be a few weeks before I have the rest ready for pictures, but here goes nothing…..