NEJC: Event day

Well yesterday was New England Jam Chowda. Although the weather started out as rain and we set up all morning with it pouring, the sun finally decided to come out around 11:30 and we got this thing running. I’d wager to say that this was probably one of the biggest jams that the New England area has ever seen. Over 600 people showed up, with over 100 of them on bikes. Big thanks goes out to Chuck form Daily Grind for organizing this entire event. He went above and beyond to make this rival Texas Toast. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Quite a few bigger names showed up for this event. Check the pictures to see who was in attendance. Good to finally meet a few people that I have only talked to through facebook and email too!

I’d like to say thanks to the entire T&F/Maul’s crew for helping out with ramp set ups, manning the booths, selling T’s and overall just making the weekend fun! These dudes make what I do worth while! Also like to thank anyone that stopped by the booth and said what’s up, bought a T&F item, or asked about the upcoming sprockets. Those things look like they’re gonna be popular!

Enough from me, check the pics….