NEJC stuff

Got the T&F shirts for NEJC yesterday. Pumped on how these came out. Was lucky enough that my printer was backed up and didn’t print them yet as of last Thursday, when I got the news we’d be pushed back a week. Reason I say that is I was able to change to date on them to the corrected rain date.( I know the one pictured has the old date) Along with the T’s which I’ll have in Med-XXL, I’ll be selling the bottle koozies which I had made just for this event too. Special deal for all you beer drinkers. The first 24 of the koozies sold will come with a FREE BEER. The T’s were made in a small batch. Only 36 of them were run. That means, when they’re gone they’re gone forever. Grab one up from our booth at the event. I except all credit cards too!
One last thing we’re bringing is a limited press poster (thanks to Chris True) of the shirt design. I have one for someone that really wants it. The other I’d like for everyone that swings by our booth to sign. I wanna frame it and keep it for myself. See you guys there