New stuff

Got a bunch of stuff coming out real soon. Starting with the new Dawn of the Shred V2 shirts. Also have sweatshirts coming right behind the shirts. Working on a few things I may not have mentioned yet, but track jackets are in the works (basically a hoodie without the hood), a few new T shirts, a new 3/4 sleeve, windbreakers, and if all goes according to plan beanies before it’s freezing out.
Also got a rough design for a stem that may see the light of day early next year. Still working on the sprockets too. Those should be available for purchase come March/April 2013, sorry they’re taking so long to come out. I just wanna make sure they’re what I’m looking for before I unleash em’ on the world. But so far the test ones are way better than I ever could have expected. Not one issue with the ones that we’re testing.