Well yesterday was a very productive day here at T&F. I finalized production for sprockets.
In doing so I also took this opportunity to change a few things that had seemed like weak points on the test batch we have been running.
First off, and this is something that a lot of people mentioned. I decided to fix the letting so it reads the right way around. That way one word is always right side up. Secondly I had the teeth made a hair taller, reasoning for that is when we tested them the way the were with halflink chains, the chains dug into the ridge under the teeth. Third, I decided to center the teeth on the sprocket, reasoning for that is the production ones will be a bit thicker. I didn’t wanna have chain lines that offset. Fourth the production runs will be made from 7075, instead of 6061. All that means is that it’s a better grade of aluminum and should last longer and be way stronger. Lastly I decided not to machine the backs. We only had one tester made like that and between the machine time to do it, and the amount of material removed I didn’t see the point. The sprockets only weigh in a 3.9 oz anyway. I myself would rather make something that’s gonna last, than have it be 1 oz lighter and way weaker.
With all that said, and like I mentioned I found someone to make them. Gonna start pumping them out the second week of December. That means that starting today they will be available for pre-order in the webstore. If all goes according to plan they should be under the tree for Christmas. Way earlier than I ever imagined!
In making the sprockets, I also have a ability to have any color, center bore, and tooth sizes bigger than 25 made. Sorry for anyone looking for anything under 25 teeth, with the lettering it just can’t work. As a production run, and what I’ll be stocking will be Black and Polished. If you would like any custom color or sizes that I’m not making it will cost you an extra $10. The sprockets are gonna retail for $50 through the webstore. Hopefully a few of the local shops here in New England will pick a few up. I’ve talked to a few guys (any of you shop dudes email tablesnfables@gmail.com for dealer pricing) Or if you want to see these in your local shop….. bug em!
Below is a 3D picture of the re-vamped sprocket. It looks pretty much the same as what I’ve been showing/running/testing. Only real visual difference is the lettering as I mentioned above. Excited to put this project out there and start on the stems!