Accent Collaboration – Umi Asano x James Meliota – 2012

Cool concept behind this video, I guess it’s best left up to them to describe. Here it is in James’ own words:
James Meliota: “This is the outcome of two riders sharing a mutual respect for each others work and to the idea of having no barrier in between what the world sees out of certain areas of the globe. We wanted to show that even though our languages are completely different, there is still an unspoken relation and expression through the art of bmx that simply does not need words to be understood. Both of us are video producers for our local area trying to use our cameras as a tool to make what we see echo out as far as possible so maybe someone else will catch on and enjoy the beauty of simply riding freestyle bmx. At first glimpse a rider might seem like an adrenaline junky, but everyone learns overtime your bike is an instrument used to express yourself whether it be dangerous, smooth, soulful or creative. The movements and approach to riding a bike can translate into its very own language. Similiar to how a good piece of music can instantly translate a distinct language or feeling. The bike Accents the riders expression.”

James Meliota: Portland, Maine, USA

Umi Asano: Tokyo, Japan