Society 6

Decided to start using society 6 for some of our older designs. I have had a bunch of people ask me for the PBR and JD T’s we did earlier this year, along with a few others asking for random T’s we did. This is the way to get them. Society 6 makes these to order. I never touch the merchandise, they do all the leg work and ship it directly to you. That being said I won’t have any of the items that are on our page in stock. This is for out of print stuff only (as far as T’s), well except one bonus design we added, just because we wanted to do this as a shirt and just don’t have to time to squeeze it into our production schedule right now. Anyway, using Society 6 you can also get a few cool items that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own, such as iPhone cases and printed pictures of our designs.
Make no mistake, I’ll still be doing new designs and have them in house. I’ll just keep using big cartel for those, or directly through me or the local shops that have been carrying the softgoods/hardgoods. So with all that out of the way. Go check out of page over at Society 6. I’ve also added the link of the webstore page. Hope this doesn’t get confusing….