Sprockets available now

Been a crazy day today! Went and picked up the first batch of sprockets and shipped them out to all the shops/people that ordered them. Pumped that these are out. A lot of work went into them, and while they’re not fancy, cut full of holes, they are well made and a ton of thought went into design. I wanted to make a sprocket different from the tread of swiss cheese types and something that would hold up for a long time. I think anyone tired of bending/breaking sprockets will see that these are strong.

The 25 tooth weighs in at just under 4oz, making it on the heavier side but that’s only an oz or so off the norm. That whole oz your bike will gain is piece of mind that your sprocket won’t fold when you hit it on something. The T&F guys and myself tested these for months before I was satisfied enough to produce them, and our testers were made from 6061 aluminum and the production ones are 7075. Do some research and you’ll see that the better grade is way stronger. Ok enough of me rambling on…..just saying if you want a tough, simple sprocket. We got you covered. Running colors are black and polished, coming in 25,27,28,30 tooth.

Available through Maul’s Bike Shop, Circuit BMX, Daily Grind, Barnzy’s BMX, Tony’s Bikes, and Full Circle Bike Shop. Or as always straight through our Big Cartel webstore under the store header on the top of the site. Thanks!