Year 2

This month marks the second year that T&F has been at it. In that time we have accomplished quite a bit. I’m more than excited for the future! Working on hardgoods this year and expanding our line of softgoods, also working on more original website content, as well as a DVD in the works.
With all that said T&F is not just about one person anymore. It is a immaculate conception of a lot of great people that are all on the same page to help this grow. People that want to make the local scene more, and have fun doing it! Without these people this whole concept won’t be anywhere near what it is today. I’m flattered that people are into what we are doing over here and everyday it just keeps getting better!
T&F has been such an incredible ride! Helping me meet some amazing people that I may have not had the chance to through normal riding. Also helping me become closer to friends that I already had. I’m always amazed when I get an email stating that guys from other parts of the country or world can relate to what we do. I’m equally as excited to get a random picture from a new person wanting it posted up on the site. It’s stuff like that, that drives me. It also makes me think that we’re doing something right.
So without getting to mushy, I’d like to extend a gigantic thanks to everyone and anyone that has ever expressed any interest in T&F. Also like to say thanks to anyone that has ever sent in a picture, re-posted a link, emailed with interest. Big thanks to all the shops that have supported, all the companies that have helped spread the word. BMX is a big family and lately we’ve been feeling the love. I’ve been trying to reciprocate as much as possible. So here’s to a great holiday and an amazing 2013! From all of us to T&F to all of you thanks!