Bike check: Moe Lopes

Moe has always had some of the best looking bikes. Today he finished up his 24″ project he’s been talking about for a bit now. If for a second you think we don’t care about this because it’s something other than a BMX bike, you’d be dead wrong. We celebrate all bikes, and this thing is no exception! Pumped on how this build came out, and to be honest it was nice to put something different together. Check the pics. I think it’s killer looking!Moe 1

Moe 2

Moe 3

Moe 4

Moe 5

Moe 6

Moe 7

Moe 8

Moe 9

Moe 10

Moe 11

Moe 12

Moe 13

Moe 14

Moe 15

Moe 16

Moe 17

Moe 18