Wisdom to Youth event

I’m not even sure what to say about today other that it was awesome! Hung out with a bunch of old friends and got to meet a few dudes I’ve looked up to since the 80’s. BMX is great! Hat’s off to Kevin Robinson and Scott Moroney for an amazing day! Peep the photos I shot today..
zane2 zane1 winners wheelie turndown1 turndown trent2 trent1 trent scott1 scott2 scott3 simpson sonny steve steve1 table scott rot-wea ron6 ron5 ron3 ron2 ron1 ron rick5 rich rich1 rich2 rich3 rick rick1 rick2 rick4 pedal driven paul2 paul1 paul old guys no hands mike k-rob k-rob1 k-rob2 kevin-rob-airin kevin-ron kevin-zane kiander kickturn manny judges joe3 joe2 joe jared2 jared1 jared jake1 jake cote1 cote2 cote3 dave david david1 demers dudes high air cote cote-johnson clancy1 clancy chris1 chris case3 air blastin brian brian1 brian2 case case1