What happened?

What the hell happened to BMX? When did we stop caring about riding bikes for fun and start worrying about color schemes and who’s doing what? BMX has turned into a shit show and it’s starting to show! Seriously, when did this happen? I’m so sick of hearing about progression, you know who is progressing… the people that are out having fun and not worrying about it! When and why have things gotten so jumbled around? Has it always been that way and I just never noticed it? Maybe I’ve allowed myself to become to intertwined in the industry and have become jaded by it. Not really sure, but I can tell you this. T&F doesn’t care about any of it! I’m gonna run this the way I see fit, not by trends or flavor of the week shit! I’m doing this as a labor of love. I ride bikes because it’s fun…lately, I’ve started to lose focus of that. That’s over now! From here on out all I wanna do is have fun! Fuck the stress, fuck the BS, fuck worrying about what everyone thinks! If your into what I’m trying to do here…welcome aboard, if not oh well..can’t please everyone. I’m over all of it…. I started riding because it’s fun, and I’m gonna go out the same way! -TL