Bio: Cory Desrochers

What can I say about Cory D. I could start by saying he’s probably one of the nicest, most down to earth individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Then I’d probably go on to tell you how he’s a very goal driven person, always working on something or other. Then I’d add in that he’s a pretty amazing bike rider, always having fun, not taking it too serious. Then lastly I’d say that he has some of the biggest boost on a bike this area has ever seen. But if you know Cory then you probably already know all of these things. If you don’t know him, well I’d suggest next time you see him somewhere, you get to know him. The dude is one of the good ones…
Here’s what makes him tick.
1- Living status ( as in where do you live)
Johnston (right outside of providence) RI

2- Working status

3- Riding status ( as in what and who you ride with)
I Mostly ride park, due to the fact its just so convenient to just get up and go and always end up seeing someone there. Also, I like to ride trails and street whenever I can. Lately, been going on a bunch of trips with T&f #TeamFun, the guys at edge, locals at Prov-park, and my homies Don & Clint from CT.

4- Future plans
Hopefully I will go on some awesome traveling adventures and ride some new spots, and ride different contest all around (I feel like contest are a good way to meet up with the people you hardly see, or even meet new friends). mostly just looking to have fun!

5- Support (as in who helps you out)
My homie TL at Tables and Fables always hooking me up in every way he can, making awesome shirts/hoodies, etc. and putting in a lot of work on the hard goods lately, looking good! I also want to thank my homie John at Maul’s bike shop for being awesome and always helping out and McKinney over at S&M/Fit for the support.

6- Anything you wanna add
I love riding my bike and where it has taken me and all the friends that I have met through it. I’ll continue to ride my bike and focus on having fun, keeping it simple Boosting and throwing fun combo’s. Thanks for all the support/help from everyone, and a shout out to all those who have faith in me haha.

7- Age… 24 years young!

Here’s a few pictures we’ve compiled over the past few months. Cory was pretty busy with the fire academy when most of this was being shot. I think we captured his true riding style in these.
cory 5

cory no foot 2

cory no hander

cory prov tab

cory t-bog

cory table