Help save Weymouth skatepark

If you live in or around Weymouth, or enjoy using their park. You may want to get involved in helping keep the town from removing it to build a soccer field. You may ask why do I care? It’s just a pre/fab park. Well the answer is, no matter what type of park…it’s a park! A lot of people enjoy using it, and by the sounds of it Weymouth didn’t have intentions of building another one. In Massachusetts we need to keep all the parks we have. Without opposition towns will think no one cares, and they can just go around tearing them down. This is not a fad! It’s as important as a baseball field or basketball court. If you follow anything I’ve done on here you know my stance on such matters. Point being is get involved because the spot you are trying to save, may someday be your own..
Attached is a flyer. Read it, share it.