iPhone/Olloclip – Stu Scipione & Chris True

Written by Chris True:

As I hope many of the readers living in the East Coast were able to do today, Stu and myself took the opportunity of sunny 50 degree weather and found one of the few places not encrusted in sand and salt or flooded with melting snow and were able to ride outside on the last weekend in February. Not being on a bike in a while was immediately felt and it took a while to loosen up. But this spot we found, thanks to Josh King, was perfect for just messing around and having a good time. Olloclip was generous enough to send me one of their lenses so we wanted to test it out along with some other new film equipment and this is what transpired, just some good old fashion fun.

Playing on Kids Bikes in February – Stu & Chris from Tables and Fables on Vimeo.