6 years

Not really sure where to begin, other than I’m humbled that we are still going after 6 years. When I started this back in 2010, I never really had any end goal other than to ride bikes and have fun with the people I enjoyed riding with. Over the years it has had it’s up and downs, but I wouldn’t change any of the things we’ve done for anything.

As I stated last year T&F is an unwritten book, it will excel at times I feel it can and be scaled back when I feel it needs to be. Forever keeping why I started this in the back of my head. I want to keep this light and simple. This isn’t some exclusive thing, anyone and everyone to be a part of this any way they want to be. I’m psyched on guys that are amped on riding bikes, and if I can help them out along the way..then that’s even better!

As of right now I feel like T&F is on an upswing and without giving too much away, we are working on several things. Not going to say what, because as I’ve learned.. some things are best left to the imagination. The one thing I will say is that I am very excited to be working on a follow up to our 2013’s “YO” we shall see how filming goes and hopefully we can have something to show the world by early 2018.

Let me end on this note, I’m not trying to change the industry or take over anything. I just wanna do what feels right at the time, hopefully people are on board. I started using the #keepitsimple awhile back, but I think it should be changed to #fortheloveofridingbikes because after all it’s why this entire thing exists!

Big thanks to anyone and everyone that has ever sent a table photo, bought any clothing or hardgoods, asked for stickers, gone on an adventure with me, hash tagged us, helped with artwork, video, graphics, or just rode their bike and had fun while out with me or the crew. To me that makes it all worth it… carry on!

To be continued….