Earth Day

Spring has finally sprung and the guys and I decided to head down to CT and meet up with Steve Morse and give his mini a session. Well that sounded all fine until we drove all the way there and the weather had other plans for us. After sitting around and looking at the rain collecting on the tarp on said ramp, we decided we were gonna head to the only indoor park we could think of..

45 minutes later, we ended up at CT bike and skate in Bristol. I hadn’t been there since the 90’s and it was pretty much unchanged (although, I’m told there had been a few tweaks). After a very weird session, the rain decided it was gonna let up enough so we could venture outdoors.

We then headed to check out a plaza in Hartford, that I had seen a few pictures of. From the photos it looked huge. Not so much the case, but fun none the less. After we had our fill of it, we then headed to see what else Hartford had to offer. Decent street from our brief cruise. Ended the day with a much needed meal, and made the long trek back home. Overall a fun day with a bunch of great dudes! We made the most out of a crappy weather day and everyone had as far as I’m concerned, it was a win.

As always, I shot some photos.. CLICK HERE