Table of the Week

Feb 2nd, Groundhog Day. What that has to do with tabletops, I’m not 100% sure. But what I do know is that little rodent didn’t see his shadow and that means an early Spring… Not sure I needed a groundhog to tell what I already know! 

Anyway, all rambling aside, this weeks TOTW is from Mike Kent. Mike and a few dudes made their way down to Woodward for a few days and tore it up. Here’s one of him that Adam Hauck shot. 


Hopkinton park needs your help! 

hop park

“In 2003, the Spirit Skate Park opened in memory of Rob Carr and Jake Shumway. Unfortunately, the park was closed last year due to safety hazards and is in need of serious repairs to be reopened.

A coalition of residents—including people who helped build the park in 2003 and high school and middle school students who want to see the park reopened—has volunteered to form the Friends of the Hopkinton Spirit Skate Park committee. Together, we are committed to raising the funds required to repair the park and maintain it in the future.

To make your tax-deductible donation, click the link below or send a check to the Hopkinton Town Hall, 330 Main Street, Hopkinton, NH.”